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"I followed a complete course to the center LA-VOIX-DE-SON-OREILLE languages of Perpignan for English. Since, I hear better, as if the space of sound had widened. I hear my voice clearer as if before I didn't hear it. I am more relaxed and in my work I am able to concentrate immediately. I have a much better comprehension of English and towards the end of my training course I could ensure the conversation and the service with an anglophone customer."
GB, Secretary/Aude.
"I found it astonishing how she could assimilate very quickly. The vocabulary, comprehension, the articulation, all that was quite fast in 20 h."
LL, her professor of language in the center.

"I came to Perpignan to follow sessions to improve my English for a new professional job on open the international scene. Generally I gained in assurance, more at ease with others, and with public speaking. I feel myself more together, more relaxed. In English I felt a notable difference: I entered in the sound, in the rhythm of the language and I no longer need to make the comparison and then the translation ".
Teaching MCL/Haute-Garonne.

"When the LA-VOIX-DE-SON-OREILLE center opened in Perpignan , I wanted to know more about it as I had heard about this method. I did not think I had particular problems but I made an assessment out of curiousity .

I went for the complete session finally because my hearing of high frequencies was defective. To start, I found these 2h very releaxing and I languished each meeting as an excellent means of relieving stress, whereas I had thought that 2 hours would be long.

More surprising is that towards the end of the 2nd week, at home, I started to sing: I heard my voice very clearly as if my ear had been cleared of an obstruction. I am pleased now to sing, whereas I have not sung since my childhood.

Of Irish origin, I have lived in France for 15 years. Many of my friends noticed a change in my voice, which become clearer with a much better articulation ".
V P. The Artist painter/Pyrénées.

"In my personal research the LA-VOIX-DE-SON-OREILLE approach contributed to refining the balance of the ears in the auditive sense but also on an energetic and emotional level. I could feel an effect of "intercommunication" between the two ears, as if the "percussion" sounds had unplugged my ears. This releasing was accompanied by a short, intense and penetrating whistle of the left towards the right. On the emotional level my relationship with my partner has remained appreciably improved. I am more receptive to our mutual needs ".
DB Bio Therapeutist/Perpignan.